LazyTown Articles – List

Healthy kids on the moveNovember 5, 2005Activities
The adventures around the cornerSeptember 29, 2005reviews
Víkverji writes about LazyTownSeptember 28, 2005reviews
Negotiating to show LazyTown on the BBC in Great BritainSeptember 27, 2005International, TV stations
LazyTown will be shown on the BBCSeptember 27, 2005TV stations
Magnus most popular in the United StatesAugust 18, 2005International, TV stations
LazyTown aired in prime time on NickelodeonJuly 16, 2005International, TV stations
Negotiating with DisneyMay 28, 2005Business, International, TV stations
Olivier Brémond, CEO of the Marathon: Everywhere or nowhereMay 28, 2005Business, Interview
Ólöf Kristín: Voice dub for Icelandic StephanieMay 22, 2005Production, TV stations
LazyTown sold to television station in FranceApril 19, 2005Business, TV stations
LazyTown on Icelandic TV delayed until autumnMarch 29, 2005Interview, Production
LazyTown toys introduced in USAFebruary 22, 2005Merchandise
LazyTown toys on the marketFebruary 18, 2005Merchandise
Magnus Scheving, a hard-working businessmanDecember 30, 2004Mágnus Scheving
Running from Reykjanesbær to LazyTown every morningDecember 29, 2004Business
Christmas in LazyTownDecember 25, 2004Activities, Characters
Sportacus lights up LazyTown’s ChristmasDecember 4, 2004Activities, Characters
LazyTown honored by Natural Medicine AssociationNovember 30, 2004Awards
LazyTown lost case against Innovation FundNovember 30, 2004Business
Contract German Super RTL with LazyTownNovember 29, 2004Business, International, TV stations
BBC examines LazyTownNovember 16, 2004Business, International, TV stations
LazyTown arrived in CanadaNovember 11, 2004Business, International, TV stations
Sportacus excites American housewivesOctober 19, 2004International, reviews
LazyTown accused of propaganda against BushOctober 15, 2004International, reviews
Sportacus more popular than pirateOctober 15, 2004Activities, International
What do LazyTown and familiarization trips have in common?October 8, 2004Business, Studio
LazyTown at International Heart DaySeptember 25, 2004Activities
LazyTown agreement with Sjónvarp Icelandic TVSeptember 24, 2004Business, TV stations
Crown princess Victoria in LazyTownSeptember 8, 2004Activities, Studio
LazyTown denies share claims of Innovation FundSeptember 3, 2004Business
Lazytown passes the test in first reviewsAugust 31, 2004International, reviews
Record in TV ratings in the United StatesAugust 27, 2004Business, International
Young star Julianna Rose Mauriello is doing well in IcelandAugust 24, 2004Interview, Julianna Rose Mauriello
LazyTown, from an idea to its final target audience.August 22, 2004Interview, Mágnus Scheving
Childhood for little BjarkirAugust 20, 2004International
Magnús Scheving awarded the Nordic Public Health PrizeAugust 18, 2004Awards, Mágnus Scheving
LazyTown’s premiere celebratedAugust 17, 2004International, Studio
Lazytown will be shown all over the United StatesAugust 14, 2004Business, International
The Lató economy 2004July 7, 2004Activities, Energy Book, Games
Hard work to create LazyTownJuly 6, 2004Business, Production
Latibær in SólheimarMay 1, 2004Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Secret townApril 7, 2004Production
LazyTown rises in GarðabærMarch 28, 2004Production, Studio
LazyTown opens the town gateMarch 28, 2004Production, Studio
Lazytown comes to lifeMarch 27, 2004Production, Studio
Expensive Budweiser in IcelandJanuary 30, 2004International, Production
Group of foreigners show up for filming ‘Engin leti í Latabæ’January 17, 2004Production, Studio
Does Latibær go to the Zoo?January 12, 2004Activities, Business
Magnús Scheving elected Entrepreneur of the year 2003December 17, 2003Business, Mágnus Scheving
Catchy names for LatibærNovember 23, 2003Business, Characters
Latibær gets 12 percent refund from the stateNovember 21, 2003Business
Amazing atmosphere in the Sports HallNovember 1, 2003Activities, Live Show
Carrots are hotOctober 23, 2003Energy Book, Merchandise
Drink less soft drinksOctober 22, 2003Energy Book, Merchandise
The energy ball tonightOctober 7, 2003Activities, Energy Book
Latibær’s energy campaign starts tomorrowSeptember 30, 2003Energy Book, Merchandise
Participate in Latibær’s Orkuátak energy campaignSeptember 20, 2003Energy Book, Merchandise
Never good at anything but decent in mostSeptember 10, 2003Interview, Mágnus Scheving
Hollywood has come to IcelandSeptember 9, 2003Interview, Stefán Karl Stefánsson
Máni Svavarsson: Humane and funSeptember 8, 2003Interview
The way to LatibærSeptember 6, 2003Interview, Mágnus Scheving
Banappelorange and chocolate toothpasteSeptember 6, 2003Interview, Sportacus
Roadway LatibærSeptember 5, 2003Business, International
Lazytown receives recognitionSeptember 4, 2003Mágnus Scheving
Glanni glæpur in millions of homesSeptember 4, 2003Business, International
TV series about LazyTown in USSeptember 4, 2003Business, International, TV stations
Agreements with ViacomSeptember 3, 2003Business, International, TV stations
Latibær’s Energy Book (Orkubókin) receives 6.5 million ISKAugust 24, 2003Merchandise
Latibær for saleJune 21, 2003Interview, Mágnus Scheving
Lató economic activity increasesMarch 14, 2003Uncategorized
Latibær on its way out into the worldDecember 5, 2002International, Production
The Lató economy launched in the Iceland Stock ExchangeJune 19, 2002Merchandise
Little lights in the darkFebruary 28, 2002Live Show
Latibær in a festive moodDecember 23, 2001Uncategorized
Jól í Latabæ CD releasedDecember 15, 2001Merchandise
Latibær on international televisionDecember 6, 2001Business, International, TV stations
Family festival at The National Theater ÞjóðleikhúsiðOctober 23, 2001Live Show
Stefán Karl Stefánsson “To be yourself”October 14, 2001Interview, Stefán Karl Stefánsson
Golf lessons in LjúflingAugust 1, 2001Live Show
Lató Banknotes at the Central BankJune 8, 2001Merchandise
The Central Bank stops Latibær’s Lató-economyJune 8, 2001Merchandise
Christmas calendar on the internetDecember 8, 2000Merchandise
The 25 thousandth visitor at Latibær playNovember 10, 2000Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
60th performance of Glanni glæpur í LatabæOctober 1, 2000Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
200 million ISK for the promotion of LatibærJuly 29, 2000Business, International
Co-operation agreement between Flugleiða Hotels and LatibærJuly 15, 2000Business, Merchandise
Glanni glæpur í Latibær is being filmedJuly 2, 2000Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Production, Stage play
Latibær on the go!July 1, 2000Live Show, Stage play
The search for the Sports elfJune 21, 2000Activities
Icelandic balloonsJune 15, 2000Merchandise
Stefán Karl Stefánsson recieves recognition from the Egner FundMay 12, 2000Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play, Stefán Karl Stefánsson
Latibær in hardcover booksDecember 23, 1999Latibær Books
A wide range of family entertainment in the Town HallDecember 3, 1999Live Show
No one is lazy in TjarnarlandNovember 26, 1999Live Show
Sincerely cheerful and pleasantly strangeOctober 22, 1999Interview, Puppets
InconsistenciesOctober 4, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
Cheerful kids at the premiereOctober 3, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
The Sports elf steps downOctober 2, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
I can wake up in all kinds of guisesOctober 1, 1999Interview, Stefán Karl Stefánsson
Review Glanni glæpur í LatabæOctober 1, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
Simple conflicts of good and evilOctober 1, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
Sells fast food in LatibærSeptember 30, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
The premiere of Glanni Glæpur í LatabæSeptember 30, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
The Sports Elf at the National TheaterSeptember 29, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Interview, Stage play
Show me your wallet and tell who you areSeptember 24, 1999Interview, Mágnus Scheving
The largest market is probably in the United StatesSeptember 2, 1999International
The big stage at ÞjóðleikhúsiðSeptember 2, 1999Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, Stage play
Latibær: conversations with large companiesJune 22, 1999International
Recognitions on Dental Protection DayFebruary 6, 1999Awards
Life in Latibær – Sauðárkrókur TheaterDecember 1, 1998Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Búnaðarbanki has opened a branch in LatibærNovember 27, 1998Merchandise
The premiere of Áfram Latabær is approaching at Sauðárkrókur TheaterNovember 11, 1998Áfram Latibær, Stage play
New family game from Latibær’s workshopNovember 5, 1998Games, Mágnus Scheving, Merchandise
Educate a thousand teachersOctober 6, 1998Interview, Mágnus Scheving
A thousand people on the right trackFebruary 5, 1998Live Show
Latibær abroadDecember 30, 1997Mágnus Scheving
Review: Latibær í VandræðumDecember 21, 1997Latibær Books
The Sports Elf from Latibær came to PerlunaDecember 6, 1997Live Show
The sports elf wants to be as famous as TintinDecember 5, 1997Cartoon, Characters
The book Latibær í Vandræðum has been publishedNovember 28, 1997Latibær Books
Insights into the life of autistic peopleNovember 9, 1997Mágnus Scheving, Stage play
Focus on activating childrenSeptember 3, 1997Mágnus Scheving
Latibær at Children’s Days in AkureyriJuly 5, 1997Áfram Latibær, Interview, Live Show
Friendship at the LangholtsskóliMarch 8, 1997Mágnus Scheving
10,000th guest in LatibærFebruary 26, 1997Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Latibær to the UKJanuary 23, 1997Interview, Mágnus Scheving, Stage play
Áfram Latibær, a review of the showDecember 13, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Áfram Latibær on CD!December 7, 1996Áfram Latibær, Merchandise
Latibær á Ólympíuleikum has been publishedNovember 30, 1996Latibær Books
Áfram Latibaer! – Convincing moral preachingNovember 26, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Áfram Latibær! – Does it make good sense?November 26, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Not the best actor in the world: Magnús Scheving admitsNovember 23, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Life and excitement in LatibærNovember 23, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Health and joy of life in LatibærNovember 22, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Áfram Latibær viewed by 1000 peopleMay 23, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
No laziness – Now everyone hurry to LV for the great playApril 18, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
I recognized the characters: said Magnús SchevingApril 15, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Life and fun in LatibærApril 11, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Hrund Scheving: Some people say I’m loudApril 11, 1996Áfram Latibær, Interview, Stage play
Rehearsals begin for LatibærFebruary 15, 1996Áfram Latibær, Stage play
Review Áfram Latibær, LazyTown will become Sunshine townDecember 7, 1995Áfram Latibær, Latibær Books
Men with titles should deliver somethingDecember 5, 1995Áfram Latibær, Latibær Books
Áfram Latibær: Magnús Scheving expresses his thoughtsDecember 1, 1995Áfram Latibær, Interview, Latibær Books
Áfram Latibær! has been publishedDecember 1, 1995Áfram Latibær, Latibær Books
Fitness at home in the living room with Magnús SchevingNovember 8, 1995Mágnus Scheving
Magnús Scheving voted Athlete of the YearJanuary 1, 1995Mágnus Scheving
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