Áfram Latibær, a review of the show

The children’s play Áfram Latibær, directed by Baltasar Kormák, is being shown at Loftkastalinn Theater. The play is based on the bestselling book of the same name by fitness […]

Áfram Latibær on CD!

Meet the fun kids in Latabær again: Halla hrekkjusvín, Nenni níski, Siggi sæti, Maggi mjói and all the others. A lively album with song and music. There is also […]

Latibær á Ólympíuleikum has been published

A fun sequel to the bestselling book Áfram-Latibær by Magnús Scheving. A lively and funny story with hilarious drawings by Halldór Baldursson. Sólskinsbær, formerly known as Latibær, offers to […]

Áfram Latibaer! – Convincing moral preaching

When the undersigned read in all the Icelandic newspapers that Magnús Scheving had suggested the Icelanders to donate the amount of money of a daily pack of cigarettes, so […]

Áfram Latibær! – Does it make good sense?

Details such as character creation and artistic names are no problem for the multi-artist Magnús Scheving in his book Áfram Latibær! which has now become a play of the […]

Not the best actor in the world: Magnús Scheving admits

Magnus Scheving continues his mission. Now he has awakened the imagery of playwrights and actors to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the youngest generation. Today, the play by Magnús […]

Life and excitement in Latibær

The children’s play Afram Latibær by Magnús Scheving will be premiered in Loftkastalinn Theatre today at 14:00h. Þröstur Helgason met the author and director of the work during a […]

Health and joy of life in Latibær

New children’s play in Loftkastalinn Theatre: Baltasar Kormákur and Magnús Scheving joined hands Magnús Scheving and Baltasar Kormákur have joined forces and written a script for a children’s play. […]

Áfram Latibær viewed by 1000 people

The Vestmannaeyjar Theater Company’s shows Áfram Latibær ended last week. According to director Sigurgeir Scheving, attendance has been very good. In total, more than 1000 people saw the performance, […]

No laziness – Now everyone hurry to LV for the great play

It was a good idea for Leikfélag Vestmannaeyja Theater to go forward in staging a new play instead of showing an old and classic play. Áfram Latibær was the […]