Life in Latibær – Sauðárkrókur Theater

Leikfélag Sauðárkrókur Theater premiered the children’s play Latibær in Bifröst on Thursday 19 November 1998. The work is based on a best-selling book by Magnús Scheving and the play […]

Búnaðarbanki has opened a branch in Latibær

Búnaðarbanki has opened a branch in Latibær. Iþróttaálfurinn, Solla stirða, Siggi sæti, Halla hrekkjusvín, Nenni níski, Eyrún eyðslukló and all the others from Latibær have now joined Æskulínan. To […]


The premiere of Áfram Latabær is approaching at Sauðárkrókur Theater

“It’s all going well with us. Since I was here five years ago, it can be said that a new generation has come into the picture. The acting group […]

Áfram Latabær

New family game from Latibær’s workshop

Looking at the European market. “This is first and foremost a fun game for the whole family, so there is all kinds of play, fun and laughter in it. […]


Educate a thousand teachers

Magnús Scheving is fully involved in teaching in Spain and Italy. Aerobics champion Magnús Scheving has spent the last few weeks staying with his family on the island of […]

A thousand people on the right track

“It is gratifying to see how many people have been able to come here today and be present when the great prevention project “Reykjanesbær on the right track ” […]

sports area in Keflavík