Magnus Scheving, a hard-working businessman

It is not certain that ten years ago, many people would have bet that the easy-going gymnastics king would join the ranks of the main entrepreneurs in Icelandic business […]

Running from Reykjanesbær to LazyTown every morning

Last spring, Kjartan Már Kjartansson, municipal representative in Reykjanesbær, started working for one of the most interesting entrepreneurial companies in the country, LazyTown. For 10 years, Icelanders have followed […]

Christmas in LazyTown

Skinfaxa wanted to hear how the residents of a lazy town get along. How the residents of LazyTown plan to prepare for Christmas, e.g. what they give as gifts, […]

Sportacus lights up LazyTown’s Christmas

The best gift is to be with the family LazyTown is becoming one of the most well-known municipalities in the country. There is an increasing number of people who […]

LazyTown honored by Natural Medicine Association

On November 29, 2004 , LazyTown was recognized by the Natural Medicine Association of Reykjavík for the year 2004 for its preventive work in the interest of children. Björg […]

LazyTown lost case against Innovation Fund

“We are extremely happy that the shareholders bet on Magnús Scheving” says Gunnar Öm Gunnarsson, the managing director of the Innovation Fund, on the occasion that the Reykjavík District […]

Contract German Super RTL with LazyTown

The German TV channel Super RTL has decided to broadcast the TV show about the residents of LazyTown. The television station is the fourth to sign a contract with […]

BBC examines LazyTown

Magnús Scheving, the author of LazyTown, flew to London yesterday for talks with BBC managers and others about the possible purchase of his production: “Magnús is out there now […]

LazyTown arrived in Canada

LazyTown continues its expansion and will entertain children in Canada starting on Monday, December 6, 2004. The TV shows will be broadcast on YTV, a television channel that is […]

Sportacus excites American housewives

Photos of Magnús Scheving and Stefán Karl Stefánsson as the characters Sportacus and Robbie Rotten ​​are now going viral among housewives in the United States. The housewives keep a […]