Latibær in a festive mood

Jól í Latabæ, a CD where the people of Latibær sing and play with guests. The recording was directed by Magnús Scheving and Máni Svavarsson. Playback time 74:52 minutes. […]

Jól í Latabæ

Jól í Latabæ CD released

Latibær has already released the fourth disc from its workshop. It’s called Jól í Latabæ {Christmas in Latibær} and contains both new and old Christmas songs, as well as […]

Latibær on international television

Magnús Scheving and the employees of Latibær work hard to prepare TV shows about Latibær. Large foreign television stations that specialize in children’s content show great interest in the […]

The people of Latibær