Latibær á Ólympíuleikum has been published

A fun sequel to the bestselling book Áfram-Latibær by Magnús Scheving. A lively and funny story with hilarious drawings by Halldór Baldursson. Sólskinsbær, formerly known as Latibær, offers to […]

Áfram Latibaer! – Convincing moral preaching

When the undersigned read in all the Icelandic newspapers that Magnús Scheving had suggested the Icelanders to donate the amount of money of a daily pack of cigarettes, so […]

Áfram Latibær! – Does it make good sense?

Details such as character creation and artistic names are no problem for the multi-artist Magnús Scheving in his book Áfram Latibær! which has now become a play of the […]

Not the best actor in the world: Magnús Scheving admits

Magnus Scheving continues his mission. Now he has awakened the imagery of playwrights and actors to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the youngest generation. Today, the play by Magnús […]

Life and excitement in Latibær

The children’s play Afram Latibær by Magnús Scheving will be premiered in Loftkastalinn Theatre today at 14:00h. Þröstur Helgason met the author and director of the work during a […]

Health and joy of life in Latibær

New children’s play in Loftkastalinn Theatre: Baltasar Kormákur and Magnús Scheving joined hands Magnús Scheving and Baltasar Kormákur have joined forces and written a script for a children’s play. […]