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The Sports elf on the move and flies in the air – Maggi mjói does not eat food – siggi seat saves teeth – Nenni níski wants to have […]

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Review: Latibær í Vandræðum

Text by Magnús Scheving and drawings by Halldór Baldursson.Æskan, 1997 – 102 pages. Review by Anna G. ÓlafsdóttirOriginal title: The Sports elf goes on holiday Latibær í Vandræðum is […]

Latibær í vandræðum

The book Latibær í Vandræðum has been published

Magnús Scheving’s third story about the Sports elf and his teammates, Latibær í Vandræðum (Latibær in trouble) has been published. In fact, there are two versions with the same […]

Latibær i vandræðum

Latibær á Ólympíuleikum has been published

A fun sequel to the bestselling book Áfram-Latibær by Magnús Scheving. A lively and funny story with hilarious drawings by Halldór Baldursson. Sólskinsbær, formerly known as Latibær, offers to […]

Review Áfram Latibær, LazyTown will become Sunshine town

Magnús Scheving: Áfram Latibær.Halldór Baldursson: illustrationspublishing house Æskan, 1995 Book review by Halldór Kristjánsson This is a bit of a special storybook. It takes place in the adventurous land […]

Áfram Latibær book

Men with titles should deliver something

The aerobics master Magnús Scheving with the book and the album, Áfram Latibær: Men with titles should deliver something – says Magnús, who does not rule out a continuation […]

Áfram Latibær: Magnús Scheving expresses his thoughts

Magnús Scheving expresses his thoughts in the children’s book ÁFRAM LATIBÆR where he weaves together stories and advice. The athlete Magnús Scheving has never been engaged in too many […]

Magnús Scheving Áfram Latibær

Áfram Latibær! has been published

The book Áfram Latibær! has been published by Magnús Scheving – Athlete of the Year and European Athletics Champion. Magnús has given hundreds of lectures to people of all […]

Áfram Latibær book cover