Búnaðarbanki has opened a branch in Latibær

Búnaðarbanki has opened a branch in Latibær. Iþróttaálfurinn, Solla stirða, Siggi sæti, Halla hrekkjusvín, Nenni níski, Eyrún eyðslukló and all the others from Latibær have now joined Æskulínan. To […]


The premiere of Áfram Latabær is approaching at Sauðárkrókur Theater

“It’s all going well with us. Since I was here five years ago, it can be said that a new generation has come into the picture. The acting group […]

Áfram Latabær

New family game from Latibær’s workshop

Looking at the European market. “This is first and foremost a fun game for the whole family, so there is all kinds of play, fun and laughter in it. […]