One should think big

The point is that resting is not laziness. You are lazy when you have stopped caring about something. In that respect, I’m never lazy.” That’s how Magnús Scheving, the […]

Kids don’t get fat by themselves

“It’s just a choice, a decision we’ve made,” says sports legend and entrepreneur Magnús Scheving about the fact that Icelanders are now the second fattest nation in the West. […]

LazyTown will always live on in me

Magnús Scheving says he is completely satisfied with his position after selling LazyTown to the American media group Turner. He will become the CEO of the company in Iceland […]

Sportacus at the end of the road

Magnús Scheving and LazyTown have been in the news quite a bit lately as bondholders plan to sue the company for unpaid debts. According to Dagblaðið Vísir (DV) ‘s […]

Fit for purpose – Iceland’s superhero

Magnus Scheving was just five when he got his first job. As the fastest runner in town, the future two-time European champion gymnast became the telephone exchange messenger boy […]

The Sun wants Magnus Scheving to write about health

“I will write in the newspaper as Sportacus and start in July,” says Magnús Scheving, founder of LazyTown, about his writing for the British newspaper The Sun. LazyTown enjoys […]

LazyTown moves the world

Magnús Scheving started LazyTown in 1995 with the aim of encouraging children and their families to live a healthy lifestyle in a fun way. After years of continuous success […]

TIME praises Magnús and LazyTown

“If your children have suddenly started to exercise and eat their vegetables to their heart’s content, it is most likely thanks to a person from Iceland.” This is how […]

Magnus madness in Mexico

Magnús Scheving has just returned from a fame trip from Mexico. LazyTown is the latest craze among the Mexican people, and the president of the country is among the […]

Magnus Scheving among the richest people in the world?

The first episode of a new series entitled The Richest People in the World, will be shown on the Discovery Channel in Norway, Sweden and Denmark on Monday evening. […]