The adventures around the corner

LazyTown has received market rights. The phenomenon is no longer the brainchild of one visionary, and is well on its way to becoming a powerhouse in international children’s television. […]

Víkverji writes about LazyTown

Víkverji celebrates with Magnús Scheving and his colleagues in LazyTown that they have reached a huge contract with the BBC in Great Britain. BBC broadcasts reach 57 million viewers, […]

Sportacus excites American housewives

Photos of Magnús Scheving and Stefán Karl Stefánsson as the characters Sportacus and Robbie Rotten ​​are now going viral among housewives in the United States. The housewives keep a […]

LazyTown accused of propaganda against Bush

Complaints about the political brainwashing of children in Magnús Scheving’s LazyTown show in the United States appeared on the show’s online forum. A Texas-branded coffee mug in the hands […]

Lazytown passes the test in first reviews

The first episode of LazyTown was shown in the United States not long ago. Most of the reviews there are positive and it is clear that people think the […]