No laziness – Now everyone hurry to LV for the great play

It was a good idea for Leikfélag Vestmannaeyja Theater to go forward in staging a new play instead of showing an old and classic play. Áfram Latibær was the […]

I recognized the characters: said Magnús Scheving

– after seeing LV’s show of Áfram Latibær. Magnús Scheving was among the guests at Leikfélag Vestmannaeyja Theater’s second performance of Áfram Latibær on Sunday, April 14, 1996. At […]

Magnús, Hrund and Sigurgeir Scheving

Life and fun in Latibær

There was a lot of excitement during the rehearsal of Latibær – Sigurgeir Scheving’s adaptation of Magnús Scheving’s book Áfram Latibær – on Tuesday night, April 9. Preparations are […]

Áfram Latibær Magnús Scheving

Hrund Scheving: Some people say I’m loud

Leikfélag Vestmannaeyja premieres on Saturday at 16:00 the play Áfram Latibær, directed by Sigurgeir Scheving. The main role is in the hands of the director’s grandchild, Hrund Scheving. Although […]

Hrund Scheving in Áfram Latibær