New Stephanie in LazyTown

Chloe Lang is the name of the ten-year-old American actress who plays Stephanie in the next season of the TV series about LazyTown, which is currently being filmed. Chloe […]

From Hollywood to LazyTown

Work is being done to update Sportacus’s costume, and for that reason, Thi Theu Hanyaka came to the country to get the job done. “It’s been great and I […]

One should think big

The point is that resting is not laziness. You are lazy when you have stopped caring about something. In that respect, I’m never lazy.” That’s how Magnús Scheving, the […]

Kids don’t get fat by themselves

“It’s just a choice, a decision we’ve made,” says sports legend and entrepreneur Magnús Scheving about the fact that Icelanders are now the second fattest nation in the West. […]

LazyTown will always live on in me

Magnús Scheving says he is completely satisfied with his position after selling LazyTown to the American media group Turner. He will become the CEO of the company in Iceland […]

It’s worse not to tell anyone about bullying

Most children know the actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson, if not as himself then at least as Robbie Rotten. Stefán Karl lives in the United States, plays The Grinch, has […]

No day is the same for Stefán Karl

Stefán Karl works like a lousy bee in Los Angeles and seems to be heading for the top. Monitor talked to him about America, LazyTown, the business and Courtesy […]

Unnur makes her debut at the LazyTown festival

“I saw an advertisement in the paper that there were auditions for the role of Stephanie. My friends and my mother pressured me to attend and I decided to […]

Stefan Karl Stefansson needs bodyguards at Live show

Stefán Karl has taken part in the LazyTown Live shows around the world. In Mexico, there were so many spectators that Stefán needed the help of bodyguards. He says […]

Fit for purpose – Iceland’s superhero

Magnus Scheving was just five when he got his first job. As the fastest runner in town, the future two-time European champion gymnast became the telephone exchange messenger boy […]