Gets the role of Stephanie

Julianna Rose Mauriello, who has played the role of the pink Stephanie in LazyTown, is twenty years old and of course too old to play the role of the […]

Christmas in LazyTown

Skinfaxa wanted to hear how the residents of a lazy town get along. How the residents of LazyTown plan to prepare for Christmas, e.g. what they give as gifts, […]

Sportacus lights up LazyTown’s Christmas

The best gift is to be with the family LazyTown is becoming one of the most well-known municipalities in the country. There is an increasing number of people who […]

Catchy names for Latibær

Mike Handley fell for Iceland when he came here as a tourist a long time ago. He made his dream come true, moved to Iceland which he thinks is […]

Mike Handley and Magnús Scheving

The sports elf wants to be as famous as Tintin

Magnús Scheving and Halldór Baldursson are working on a promotional cartoon about Latibær, which they will show to the American film giant Walt Disney. Lazytown and its inhabitants have […]