It’s worse not to tell anyone about bullying

Most children know the actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson, if not as himself then at least as Robbie Rotten. Stefán Karl lives in the United States, plays The Grinch, has […]

No day is the same for Stefán Karl

Stefán Karl works like a lousy bee in Los Angeles and seems to be heading for the top. Monitor talked to him about America, LazyTown, the business and Courtesy […]

Stefán Karl Stefánsson didn’t know English

Stefán Karl Stefánsson is still making a breakthrough in his role as The Grinch in the United States. Stefán Karl has traveled with the live show throughout the United […]

Stefan Karl Stefansson needs bodyguards at Live show

Stefán Karl has taken part in the LazyTown Live shows around the world. In Mexico, there were so many spectators that Stefán needed the help of bodyguards. He says […]

The future of Robbie Rotten uncertain

“My contribution to LazyTown is over for now and the future is completely undecided. Currently, there is no contract between me and LazyTown, so this is not in my […]

A formative experience for a spoiled actor

Stefán Karl Stefánsson has done what few Icelandic actors have had the opportunity or dared to do – to throw himself into the deep pool in Hollywood. The leap […]

Stefán Karl about the international organisation Rainbow Children (Regnbogabörn)

The actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson is on his way to Iceland, but lives with his wife Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttur and children in Los Angeles. Stefán will come on February […]

Stefán Karl is on his way home to play in LazyTown again

“yes, I’m coming home on February 20 to play in LazyTown. I’m coming alone, and we’re going to do another 18 to 20 episodes. I’m just packing” says actor […]

Hollywood has come to Iceland

Stefán Karl Stefánsson has dreamed of playing in Hollywood since he was a little boy. “There are many people asking if I’m on my way to Hollywood, but I’m […]

Stefán Karl Stefánsson

Stefán Karl Stefánsson “To be yourself”

The National Theater is dark and gloomy with the characteristics of Icelandic mountains, so it is not surprising when Stefán Karl says as he grabs the handle on a […]

Stefán Karl actor