Sportacus is going to conquer the world

LazyTown stands stronger than ever. The company’s relatives are big-hearted and seem to have every reason to be optimistic about the business in the coming years. “We have just […]

167 new jobs at LazyTown

Fans of LazyTown can rejoice because they are about to start filming 26 new episodes of this hugely popular children’s show. The aim is to start shooting in February […]

Stefán Karl Stefánsson didn’t know English

Stefán Karl Stefánsson is still making a breakthrough in his role as The Grinch in the United States. Stefán Karl has traveled with the live show throughout the United […]

Rock star in LazyTown

Magni Ásgeirsson sings the new title song in the hugely popular TV series LazyTown “I was given the honor of visiting LazyTown for a moment and humming a song,” […]

LazyTown on the big screen

Two episodes from a new series of LazyTown will be shown in Movie Theater Sambíóin Kringlunni as part of the International Film Festival in Reykjavík, which takes place from […]

Invisible special effects in LazyTown

Stomach in and chest out is what I do before entering the LazyTown Studio. When you come to LazyTown, you can’t say you’ve been ignoring the gym since Easter. […]

Started singing before I started talking!

Ólöf Kristín Þorsteinsdóttir is a cheerful and funny girl from Árbæn. She is 12 years old and goes to Árbær school. On Friday evenings, we hear her sing and […]

Ólöf Kristín: Voice dub for Icelandic Stephanie

Hardworking and not stiff Many kids have heard the voice of Ólöf Kristín without recognizing her face. This young girl has lent her voice to quite a few cartoons, […]

LazyTown on Icelandic TV delayed until autumn

Icelandic TV viewers have to wait until September for the Icelandic version of LazyTown. The episodes were originally scheduled to air this spring, but that has been delayed until […]

Hard work to create LazyTown

The contract with Steven Feldman, the director of the American television adventure about LazyTown, was not extended when it expired shortly after. The director has left the country and […]

LazyTown's headquarters