The presidential couple visit LazyTown

For decades, Ólafur (the Icelandic president) has made sure to exercise at least 50 minutes a day. “We usually start the day with a power walk with Sámi. But […]

Visit to the LazyTown Studio

Magnús Scheving has been busy lately training new Sportacus men and introducing LazyTown to the whole world. Fréttablaðið had a quick visit to the home of Sportacus and found […]

Ambassador van Voorst visits set of popular children´s show LazyTown

US Ambassador Carol van Voorst was a special guest at the studio headquarters of the children’s show, LazyTown, March 2, 2006. The Ambassador met with Americans and Icelanders who […]

What do LazyTown and familiarization trips have in common?

When it comes to business equipment financing, the projects are as diverse as the imagination. It is clear that Glitnir finances projects and equipment for LazyTown as well as […]

Crown princess Victoria in LazyTown

Today the royal couple and the crown princess visited LazyTown where Magnús Scheving received them. Next was the route to Nesjavellir and Þingvellir, and on Thursday their route is […]

LazyTown’s premiere celebrated

There was a lot of joy in the LazyTown’s studio in Miðhraun in Garðabær yesterday, August 16, 2004, when the creators of the LazyTown episodes watched the premiere of […]

LazyTown's premiere celebrated

LazyTown rises in Garðabær

It is safe to say that Latibær has settled well at Miðhraun in Garðabær, where a four thousand square meter film studio was set up in just 80 days. […]

LazyTown opens the town gate

Latibær’s operations have been shrouded in secrecy in recent months and the company is now preparing to expand into the US market. Magnús Scheving, the show’s author, and his […]

Magnús Scheving LazyTown

Lazytown comes to life

Latibær is located in a four thousand square meter building at the lava fields in Garðabær, where 120 people work in the dark during the production of 40 TV […]

LazyTown Puppets

Group of foreigners show up for filming ‘Engin leti í Latabæ’

No one’s lazy in LazyTown (Engin leti í Latabæ) “Nickelodeon will premiere the LazyTown series as an afternoon show in June or July of this year” said Brown Johnson, […]