Latibær abroad

“Sometimes you are about to quit, because in this country people rather look down on such a profession than the other way around ” said Magnús Scheving, writer and […]

Magnús Scheving

Review: Latibær í Vandræðum

Text by Magnús Scheving and drawings by Halldór Baldursson.Æskan, 1997 – 102 pages. Review by Anna G. ÓlafsdóttirOriginal title: The Sports elf goes on holiday Latibær í Vandræðum is […]

Latibær í vandræðum

The Sports Elf from Latibær came to Perluna

The City of Reykjavík and Rafmagnsveita Reykjavíkur lend all the Christmas trees and Christmas lights, which will light up in the city at Christmas and will be outside Perluna. […]

The Sports Elf from Latibær

The sports elf wants to be as famous as Tintin

Magnús Scheving and Halldór Baldursson are working on a promotional cartoon about Latibær, which they will show to the American film giant Walt Disney. Lazytown and its inhabitants have […]