LazyTown at the World Fair Expo in Shanghai, China

One of the companies that have visited Shanghai on the occasion of the World Fair Expo was LazyTown. “It was a great honor to be able to participate on […]

LazyTown Live fights obesity in America

Magnús Scheving and colleagues at LazyTown have signed a contract with one of the largest educational theaters in the world, NTC or National Theater for Children in Minneapolis, USA. […]

LazyTown gives a concert

“Last year (2008) there were about 5,000 runners and about 12,000 people in the area, but we expect more this year,” says Gunnar Helgason, actor and entertainment program manager, […]

LazyTown Live more popular than U2

The actor and director Gunnar Helgason is in charge of LazyTown’s theater shows called LazyTown Live. It has just premiered in the UK and in Brazil, and it’s a […]

Meeting 15 thousand children a month

The sports legend Magnús Scheving took advantage of the morning program on British national television, BBC Breakfast, on Wednesday, January 7, 2009. Magnús is in the UK to present […]

Magnus madness in Mexico

Magnús Scheving has just returned from a fame trip from Mexico. LazyTown is the latest craze among the Mexican people, and the president of the country is among the […]

LazyTown breaks all records

LazyTown’s live show has gotten off to an amazing start and is already sold out at most of the shows to be held across the UK, where the tour […]

Banker by day, superhero by night

“It can be like this, up and down,” says Dýri Kristjánsson, who lives a double life, just like other superheroes such as Superman and Batman. During the day, he […]

New Sportacus men are born

“It’s a whole world,” says Magnús Scheving when he takes some time for a short chat after showing a few tricks on the dance floor of the Icelandic School […]

Sportacus captivates British housewives

“The role is quite demanding physically, and so three Sportacusses have been hired to fill the void of Magnús Scheving,” says Suzanne Noble, who works as a public relations […]