Máni wrote songs for Peppa Pig

Máni Svavarsson, the author of the music in LazyTown, has composed several new songs for a children’s series that has been successful in Britain recently. The main character is […]

LazyTown and Lil Jon mixed together

Officials of LazyTown tried to stop a video that is now circulating online “We tried to stop this four times and our legal department sent Youtube a letter. Usually […]

Rock star in LazyTown

Magni Ásgeirsson sings the new title song in the hugely popular TV series LazyTown “I was given the honor of visiting LazyTown for a moment and humming a song,” […]

LazyTown has a new single in the works

“I think it’s very likely, we have a meeting with the publishing company Gut Records at the end of January, 2007, and then a decision will probably be made,” […]