From Hollywood to LazyTown

Work is being done to update Sportacus’s costume, and for that reason, Thi Theu Hanyaka came to the country to get the job done. “It’s been great and I […]

Banker by day, superhero by night

“It can be like this, up and down,” says Dýri Kristjánsson, who lives a double life, just like other superheroes such as Superman and Batman. During the day, he […]

New Sportacus men are born

“It’s a whole world,” says Magnús Scheving when he takes some time for a short chat after showing a few tricks on the dance floor of the Icelandic School […]

Sportacus captivates British housewives

“The role is quite demanding physically, and so three Sportacusses have been hired to fill the void of Magnús Scheving,” says Suzanne Noble, who works as a public relations […]

Banappelorange and chocolate toothpaste

QUESTION & ANSWER The Sportacus The Sportacus is familiar to most people, he is one of the inhabitants of LazyTown, and this town made the news this week. An […]