LazyTown, from an idea to its final target audience.

It did not go well when a 5,000 sqm studio was furnished in Hafnarfjarðarhraun at the beginning of the year. Icelanders did not pay much attention to the fact […]

Magnús Scheving

Childhood for little Bjarkir

There has been a lot of news stories about the TV show Lazytown in the American media and the first episode of 40 premiered at the Nickelodeon children’s station […]

LazyTown Logo 2002

Magnús Scheving awarded the Nordic Public Health Prize

Magnús Scheving was recently awarded the Nordic Public Health Prize in 2004. Which is called in Icelandic: Norrænu lyðheilsu verðlaunin 2004 and in Swedish: Nordiska folkhälsopriset 2004. He receives […]

Magnús Scheving

LazyTown’s premiere celebrated

There was a lot of joy in the LazyTown’s studio in Miðhraun in Garðabær yesterday, August 16, 2004, when the creators of the LazyTown episodes watched the premiere of […]

LazyTown's premiere celebrated

Lazytown will be shown all over the United States

It has been decided to show the episodes about LazyTown weekly on the American television station CBS, which is broadcast all over the United States, starting on Saturday 18 […]

Magnús Scheving