Máni wrote songs for Peppa Pig

Máni Svavarsson, the author of the music in LazyTown, has composed several new songs for a children’s series that has been successful in Britain recently. The main character is […]

LazyTown has a new single in the works

“I think it’s very likely, we have a meeting with the publishing company Gut Records at the end of January, 2007, and then a decision will probably be made,” […]

LazyTown’s Bing Bang (Time To Dance) sold 100,000 singles in the UK

Musician Máni Svavarsson has achieved the great success of having sold 100,000 singles with his song Bing Bang from LazyTown, and the song has thus become a gold record […]

Máni Svavarsson: not a millionaire despite the success of LazyTown

“LazyTown breaks a new record every week,” says Máni Svavarsson, the songwriter of the television series about Sportacus and his friends. As has been reported in the media, the […]