New Stephanie in LazyTown

Chloe Lang is the name of the ten-year-old American actress who plays Stephanie in the next season of the TV series about LazyTown, which is currently being filmed. Chloe […]

The presidential couple visit LazyTown

For decades, Ólafur (the Icelandic president) has made sure to exercise at least 50 minutes a day. “We usually start the day with a power walk with Sámi. But […]

Sportacus is going to conquer the world

LazyTown stands stronger than ever. The company’s relatives are big-hearted and seem to have every reason to be optimistic about the business in the coming years. “We have just […]

Turner opens door for LazyTown to conquer Asia

LazyTown is shown in 170 countries and reaches children in 500 million homes. The company has around 300 active contracts at any given time, both with television stations and […]

From Hollywood to LazyTown

Work is being done to update Sportacus’s costume, and for that reason, Thi Theu Hanyaka came to the country to get the job done. “It’s been great and I […]

Gets the role of Stephanie

Julianna Rose Mauriello, who has played the role of the pink Stephanie in LazyTown, is twenty years old and of course too old to play the role of the […]

Hallgrímur Kristinsson in charge of LazyTown’s business development

Hallgrímur Kristinsson has been appointed head of business development at LazyTown. It is stated in the employment notice that Hallgrímur has worked closely with Magnús Scheving, CEO and founder […]

Björn Þórir Sigurðsson “Bússi” is the new head of production

Björn Þórir Sigurðsson has been hired as head of production at LazyTown and he will be in charge of the TV production of all new LazyTown content. Among the […]

Magnús Scheving and Michelle Obama awarded

Magnús Scheving received recognition from the Mediterranean Foundation on the fifth day for promoting increased health among children in Barcelona. The award is given every other year to those […]

One should think big

The point is that resting is not laziness. You are lazy when you have stopped caring about something. In that respect, I’m never lazy.” That’s how Magnús Scheving, the […]