Healthy kids on the move

Now the kids in LazyTown are going to set foot on land and start traveling with Icelandair. Now all kids traveling abroad with Icelandair can get healthy LazyTown food […]

The adventures around the corner

LazyTown has received market rights. The phenomenon is no longer the brainchild of one visionary, and is well on its way to becoming a powerhouse in international children’s television. […]

Víkverji writes about LazyTown

Víkverji celebrates with Magnús Scheving and his colleagues in LazyTown that they have reached a huge contract with the BBC in Great Britain. BBC broadcasts reach 57 million viewers, […]

Negotiating to show LazyTown on the BBC in Great Britain

An agreement was signed yesterday between LazyTown and the BBC, Britain’s largest media conglomerate, for the sale of broadcasting rights to the television programs about LazyTown for the next […]

LazyTown will be shown on the BBC

Michael Carrington, head of children’s content at the British media conglomerate BBC, and Magnús Scheving, author of LazyTown, signed an agreement between LazyTown and the BBC yesterday, for the […]

Magnus most popular in the United States

“There was a special double episode premiering on Monday – August 15, 2005. At prime time, eight o’clock in the evening. We managed to be in first place on […]

LazyTown aired in prime time on Nickelodeon

A Special hour-long LazyTown show will be shown on the American television channel Nickelodeon on Monday night – August 15, 2005 – at 8 pm or prime time. It […]

Negotiating with Disney

LazyTown has signed an agreement with the Disney media company for the distribution of the TV series in France, Spain and Italy. The contract was signed at Hotel Loftleiður […]

Olivier Brémond, CEO of the Marathon: Everywhere or nowhere

In fact, the succes of LazyTown is such that there is no doubt that the series, and those behind the production, will reach the “top” in the world of […]

Ólöf Kristín: Voice dub for Icelandic Stephanie

Hardworking and not stiff Many kids have heard the voice of Ólöf Kristín without recognizing her face. This young girl has lent her voice to quite a few cartoons, […]