Latibær’s energy campaign starts tomorrow

Healthy food for the children Latibær’s energy campaign begins tomorrow (1 October 2003) and will last until the end of October. According to Tómas Bolli Hafþórsson, Latibær’s spokesman, special […]

Participate in Latibær’s energy campaign

Reykjanesbær will take part in Latibær’s energy campaign which starts on 1 October 2003, and lasts for a month, with the aim of encouraging a healthier lifestyle for future […]

Never good at anything but decent in most

says Magnús Scheving, the foster father of the Sports elf, and both from Borgarnes. Although the time of the empires is largely over, the policy of conquest has not […]

Magnús Scheving

Hollywood has come to Iceland

Stefán Karl Stefánsson has dreamed of playing in Hollywood since he was a little boy. “There are many people asking if I’m on my way to Hollywood, but I’m […]

Stefán Karl Stefánsson

Máni Svavarsson: Humane and fun

Máni Svavarsson says that at this time of the year, gratitude is high to the large group that has been involved in the Latibær project over the years. “Our […]

Máni Svavarsson

The way to Latibær

A new chapter is beginning in the Latibær adventure that started with Magnús Scheving’s idea 11 years ago. The Sports Elf’s message has gained a strong foothold in the […]

Magnús Scheving

Banappelorange and chocolate toothpaste

QUESTION & ANSWER The Sports elf The Sports elf is familiar to most people, he is one of the inhabitants of Latibær, and this town made the news this […]


Roadway Latibær

An agreement has been reached between Latibær and the company Nickelodeon for the production and screening of 40 TV shows about Latibær and its inhabitants in the United States. […]

The Blue Elf

Lazytown receives recognition

Gunnar Smári Egilsson writes about Magnús Scheving and Latabæ. A few years ago I visited Hallgrím Helgason in a tiny artist house in Hveragerði. I think Knútur Bruun had […]

Magnús Scheving

Glanni glæpur in millions of homes

Magnús Scheving’s brainchild, Latibær, reached a remarkable milestone on its way to fame. Latibær signed a contract with Nickelodeon yesterday. A television station that covers 86 million homes in […]

Brown Johnson and Magnus Scheving